A sacred journey from Zurich to Mecca has begun: A group of 155 people, including nearly 100 young people, donned their ihrams, leaving behind worldly positions, offices, and fame, and set out only to respond to Allah's call with 'Lebbeyk.

Before the journey, the completion of the Umrah preparations heightened the group’s excitement. This preparatory process symbolized not only a physical journey for them but also a spiritual transformation. As they took their first steps onto the holy land, the pilgrims felt hope and excitement in their hearts. They wore their ihrams like shrouds, cleansing themselves from worldly ties, and began a 14-day intensive spiritual journey.

During their stay in Mecca and Medina, the pilgrims sought traces of our Prophet Muhammad (sav.). They dedicated themselves to his path like Hubeyb b. Adiy and pledged to protect him like Esat b. Zürare. Reflecting on their own lives at the grave of our mother Hz. Khadija, one of the four women whom our Prophet Muhammad (sav.) declared more virtuous than all other women in the world, the spiritual atmosphere of Mecca and Medina prompted a change and awakening in the young hearts.

The pilgrims felt that every moment spent in the holy land would leave a lasting mark in their lives. Walking through the streets of Mecca and Medina, following the footsteps of the companions, became a historical journey for them. Each mosque, every corner of these holy cities offered them insights into the life of our Prophet Muhammad (sav.) and awakened deep spirituality in their hearts.

The time in the holy land was for the pilgrims not only a period of worship and visits but also an inner journey. The bonds they built among each other, as well as mutual help and understanding, enabled them to complete this journey both physically and spiritually together. The intensity of the spiritual atmosphere brought them deep lessons and insights that would guide them for the rest of their lives.

Swiss Islamic Society
Hajj & Umrah

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